Crocheted Baby Set No. 1225

Original Design by Alice Fowler, 10 1/2 East Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Materials:  5 1-ounce balls Bear Brand Wonderized Babyfair, 1 ball Bucilla Crochelle, 1 afghan hook # C, 1 bone crochet hook # 2.

Gauge:  Chain 8 = 1 inch, 7 rows afghan stitch = 1 inch



dc---double crochet

sl st---slip stitch




yo--yarn over

*  *   repeat instructions between asterisks

sc---single crochet




Sacque.  Row 1.  (Use afghan hook).  Begin at back of yoke, Ch 61, and retaining all lps on hook, draw up lp in second st from hook and in each st of chain.  Work off as follows:  yo, through 1, * yo, through 2 *, repeat across.  The lp left on hook is always first st of next row.

Row 2.  Insert hook under second vertical bar, draw up lp and retaining all lps on hook, draw up lp in each vertical bar except the last.  Insert hook through lst vertical bar AND st directly behind it, and draw up lp.  Work off as for Row 1.  This is called plain afghan st, and is the pattern row for yoke.  Repeat this row until work measures 3 1/2 inches, then work over 20 sts for 5 rows for shoulder.  Increase 1 st at neck edge as follows:  Draw up lp in each st across except last 2.  Insert hook through work between next 2 vertical bars and draw up lp, then draw up lp in next st and in last st as described above (Row 2), work off all sts as before.

Increase 1 st each row until you have 32 sts, and work even until piece measures 7 inches from Row 1.  Bind off as follows:  Draw up lp under second vertical bar, yo, through 2 (sc made).  Repeat across.  Fasten off.  Join yarn in 21st st of yoke at back of neck, work sc across 22 sts to bind off, then draw up lp in last 19 vertical bars and work in pattern for 5 rows.  Increase on this half of yoke as follows:  Draw up lp in second vertical bar, draw up lp between second and third vertical bars, lp in 3rd bar, etc across and work off.  Increase to 32 sts, then work even to match other half of yoke, and bind off as before.  Fasten off.

Body.  (Change to # 2 bone hook).

Row 1.  Join yarn at front edge of left front yoke.  * sk 1, 5 dc (shell) in next, sc in next *, repeat across front, join last st of front yoke to first st of back (a shell will fall in this st), repeat * to * across back, join corners of yoke as before, and repeat * to * across, ending sc in last st.  (41 shells).  Ch 3, and turn.

Row 2.  Make 2 dc in base of ch 3 (half shell).  Sc in 3rd dc of first shell (through both lps of st), 5 dc in back lp only of next sc, sc in third dc of next shell, repeat across, ending with 3 dc (half shell) in last sc, turn.

Row 3.  Sc in first dc, 5 dc in back lp of next sc, sc in third dc of next shell---repeat across.

Rows 2 and 3 are pattern rows.  Note that alternate rows end in half shells.

Work in pattern until you have 4 inches below yoke, ending with half shell row.  * fasten off yarn.  Join Bucilla Crochelle.  Make 1 row shells.  Fasten off Crochelle *.  Join yarn and work 1 row.  Repeat * to * above once.  Join yarn, continue in pattern until work measures 6 inches from yoke, ending with half shell row.  Fasten off.

Sleeve.  If you have followed the gauge of 7 rows per inch for yoke, you should have about 49 sts for armhole.  Fasten yarn in underarm joining st and make row of shells around as for first part of Row 1 of body.  If you have more than 49 sts, sk an extra st now and then, 10 or 12 shells around should be enough, depending on fullness desired.

Sc last shell into joining st, ch 3, sc in center dc of next shell, TURN.

Row 2.  4 dc in base of ch 3, sc in next shell, continue around in pattern.  Join in same manner as for Row 1.  Note that this will zig zag the joining, but it will make complete shells each time and be almost invisible joining.  After 4 inches of shells, join Crochelle as for body, and follow same procedure until sleeve measures 6 inches.

Cuff.  (Use afghan hook).  Make 1 sc in 3 center sts of each shell (36 sc).  Draw up lp in each st, and work 3 or 4 rows afghan st, as desired.  Bind off.  Do not join rows as you work.  Sew cuff afterward.

Make a row of shells to edge fronts and neck.  Edge entire set with Crochelle, * ch 3, sl st in next *, repeat around.  Add ribbons to match.

Bonnet.  Back, using afghan hook.

Row 1.  Ch 25, work as for yoke for 2 inches.  Increase 1 st at each end of next row.  Make 2 rows even.  Increase as before, and work even until piece measures 4 1/2 inches.  Fasten off.  Change to bone hook.  Count stitches along side of back.  If you are working true to gauge, you should have 30-32 sts.  Join yarn at neck on right side.  Ch 3, half shell in base of ch, then plan the number of sts to sk in order to have 1 half shell, 4 complete shells, then 1 shell in corner st, 4 complete shells across top (be sure to mark center st of top, and have center sc fall in that st), shell in next corner, and match other side with first.  (14 shells, 2 half shells). 

If you desire a larger bonnet, allow one more shell on each side, but keep all other arrangements the same.  Work in pattern until 6 inches from center back, ending with a row made from the right side of work.  Fasten off.

Join Crochelle as for sacque, make the 2 trim rows with yarn row between, add 3 yarn rows.

Work sc across lower edge of bonnet, drawing to shape by skipping occasional sts, turn, work 1 row of shells across lower edge.  Fasten off.  Edge with Crochelle and add ribbons.

Bootee.  Begin with sole.  Ch 20.

Row 1.  2 dc in 4th ch from hook, 1 dc in each of next 15, 5 dc in next, 1 dc in each of next 15 down opposite side of ch, 2 dc in last.  Join to top of 3 ch.

Row 2.  Ch 3, 2 dc in each of next 3, 1 dc in each of next 13.

Catch remaining lp on hook into 15th st from center back on right side of shoe.  2 dc in each of next 7, 1 dc in each of next 13, 2 dc in each of next 3, 1 dc in same st as 3-ch.  Join.

Row 3.  Ch 3, (1 dc in next, 2 dc in next) 3 times, 1 dc in each of next 14, (2 dc in next, 1 dc in next) 7 times, 1 dc in each of next 13, (2 dc in next, 1 dc in next) 3 times, 1 dc in same st as 3-ch.  Join.

Row 4.  Ch 1, 1 sc around the spoke of each dc, inserting hook from back, right to left, join.  (68 sc, counting 1-ch).

Make 6 or 7 rows (about 1 inch) of afghan st, using 2 or 3 hooks in order to turn.  End with sc row.  Sew back seam.

Instep.  Row 1.  Beginning with first st to left of center back, count on left side of shoe to 27th st.  Join yarn in this st and with toe of shoe toward you, draw lp in same st.  Retaining all lps on hook, draw up lp in each of next 12 (13 lps).  Make 8 more complete rows.  End with sc row.  Fasten instep in shoe as follows:  With instep piece toward you, sc it to right side of shoe, 2 sc at corner, sc across toe, inserting hook from right to left under each of the original 13 sts of instep, 2 sc at corner, sc instep and shoe tog along left side, ending in 15th st from center back.

Beading.  With toe of shoe facing you, ch 4, * sk 1, dc in next, ch 1 *, repeat across instep, ending in same 15th st where you began joining instep to shoe.  Ch 1, sk 1, repeat * to * (above) join to 3rd st of 4 ch (22 dc, counting 4 ch).

Top.  Row 1.  (Sk 1, 5 dc, sk 1, sc) 3 times, sk 1, shell, sk 2, sc, sk 1, shell, sk 2, sc, sk 2, shell, sk 2, sc, sk 2, shell, sk 2, sc, sk 2, shell, sk 1, sc, sk 2, shell, sk 1, join.  Ch 3, sc in 3rd st of next shell, turn, work in pattern 1 row.  Make 1 row of Crochelle and 3 more rows of shells.  Fasten off.  Edge with Crochelle.

Embroidery.  Afghan stitch lends itself beautifully to cross stitch embroidery.  Adapt any dainty design.  Use a rayon sheen embroidery floss for best effect.